Tax Residency Date Calculator for Thailand

Thai Tax Residency is defined in Section 41 of the Thai Revenue Code. It says: Any person staying in Thailand for a period or periods aggregating 180 days or more in any tax year (= calendar year) shall be deemed a resident of Thailand.

Therefore, if you are planning to either become a Thai Tax Resident or not, you should keep track of your days that you spend in Thailand in each calendar year. This calculator allows you to enter your stay or multiple stays in Thailand and it will tell you, whether you will be considered Tax Resident or not in each particular tax year.

Tax Residency Calculator

Disclaimer: This calculator is provided for informational purposes only and should not be considered tax advice. The results are based on your input and may not reflect your specific tax residency situation. We disclaim any liability for the accuracy of the results or any actions you take based on them. We recommend consulting with a tax professional for definitive guidance on your tax residency status.