Thailand Visa Date Calculator

This calculator shall help you figure out the date when your Visa / Extension of Stay expires. Keep in mind that even if the immigration officer affixes a WRONG stamp or date in your passport, you will be responsible and face the consequences. It is recommended to always double check the stamp and date.

Just enter the arrival date and the visa that you will use to enter the Kingdom of Thailand. The calculator will then instantly calculate the last day that you can depart from Thailand. This should help you avoid any accidental overstay situation. It is important to know, that when counting the days, your arrival day counts as Day 1.

You can also use this tool to calculate the date when your next 90 day report is due. Just select the last date of reporting as “arrival date” and then “90-Day Report” in the field period of stay.

*We cannot accept any liability for the accuracy of the information.

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