Notarielle Dienstleistungen

Notarial Services in Hua Hin

When dealing with official documents or international transactions, ensuring authenticity and adhering to proper procedures becomes crucial. Here’s where a Notarial Services Attorney, often also called Notary Public, steps in.

What is a Notarial Services Attorney?

Unlike common notary publics found in many countries, Thailand doesn’t have a separate notary public system. Instead, the Lawyers Council of Thailand grants specific lawyers the qualification of “Notarial Services Attorney.” These lawyers undergo specialized training and are authorized to perform several essential functions:

  • Verification of Signatures and Identity: A Notarial Services Attorney can witness your signature on a document and verify your identity through official documentation. This adds a layer of security and ensures the document originates from whom it claims.
  • Administration of Oaths and Affirmations: For situations requiring sworn statements, a Notarial Services Attorney can administer oaths and affirmations, adding legal weight to your testimony.
  • Certification of Documents: They can certify copies of original documents, ensuring their accuracy for official purposes.

Why Use a Notarial Services Attorney?

Several scenarios necessitate the expertise of a Notarial Services Attorney:

  • Signature on an official form
  • Signature on legal document from abroad
  • Power of Attorney
  • International contracts and agreements
  • Documents of a Thai company & Thai partnerships
  • Copy of a document as true copy
  • Copy of passport or ID card
  • Documents about property abroad (buy, sell, etc)
  • Legal documents for use in Thailand and abroad
  • Translated documents

Notarial Services in Hua Hin

360 Consulting has a lawyer qualified as Notarial Services Attorney. If you are looking for Notarial Services in Hua Hin, look no further and get in touch to make an appointment.

For added convenience, we offer mobile notary services, allowing you to get documents notarized from the comfort of your own home (a surcharge will apply).

Cost for Notarial Services

Our notary service fee is 1,000 THB per stamp required for the notarization. We offer bulk discounts on larger numbers of documents.

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