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Residence Certificate in Thailand

A Residence Certificate is an official document that certifies your residence / address. In Thailand there are quite a few occasions where a foreigner will be required to obtain a Residence Certificate. For example when…

  • Buying or selling a motorbike or car
  • Obtaining or extending a Thai Driving License
    If you obtain or extend the car AND motorbike license, you will need 2 Residence Certificates.
  • Opening a Thai Bank account
  • Obtaining a Thai Tax ID Number (TIN)
  • Applying for a Yellow Tabian Baan (Yellow House Book)
  • etc

Most embassies also issue Residence Certificates to their citizens but requirements, fees etc vary. In this post we will only cover the Residence Certificate from the Immigration Bureau.

In Hua Hin, Prachuap Khiri Khan province, you would have to go to the main Immigration Office in order to obtain a Residence Certificate as the Bluport Shopping Mall branch does not issue this document.

Required Documents

You will need to prepare the following documents below (other immigration offices might have different requirements). In case you don’t have all required copies or did not bring passport photos, there is a copy shop at the parking lot.

  • Application form (will be handed out for free)
  • Original Passport
  • Copy of your visa (if applicable), your most recent entry stamp, your current extension of stay stamp
  • 2 Passport Photos (for each certificate)
  • Proof of your address which can be a copy of your rental contract, house documents in case you are the owner, a TM30 receipt etc

Currently it’s a two-step process. You will have to submit the documents on day 1 and can pick up the residence certificate on day 8. It is free of charge.

Alternatively, there is a fast-track option. You would have to contact the small office in the parking lot (behind the main immigration office) with the same application documents. There is a charge of 500 Baht per certificate. Usually it takes 20-30 minutes until you receive the certificate(s).

Sample Residence Certificate

Sample Residence Certificate from Immigration in Hua Hin Thailand

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